Daily Outfit: Marilyn Manson new year’s eve.

The best dress code and Makeup of Marilyn Manson for best look of last day of the year.

Marilyn Manson many years ago…

My favorite photo when he has long hairs.

In this photo Marilyn Manson has a transparent top with little bird feathers and long leather gloves with pants in total black.


Eyeshadow peach, red and eyeliner black.

Lipstick dark red and black pencil.

Dress code total red.

Turtleneck Sweater with pants leather total red and Women High Heels Lace Up Boots black.

Hair black and red extension.


Eyeshadow blue or aquaclor blue with lipstick light rose or nude.

Party dress code with casual regular fit fashion party gilet and pants all grey, regular fit dress shirt black with tie green and wool gloves open on the fingers.

My makeup as Marilyn Manson with eyeshadow blue with red dark lipstick and black pencil.

Last makeup with eyeshadow peach highlights with eyeliner black and lipstick red jelly jungle lips and cheeks red with black pencil.

Best concelear n.3 Venessi.com without imperfections on partnership Instagram.

Concert Party live on Los Angeles, Ozzfest new year’s eve with Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osburne, Rob Zombie, Jonathan Davis (Korn) .

All night Ozzfest last day of the year…Full agenda. 


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