Best daily outfit Brian Warner’s

This is Outfit dedicated of the gift surprise idea of Brian Warner effect.

Outfit Brian Warner’s is without make-up with sunglasses and total black, leather jacket with hooded sweatshirt in this photo with a fan. Marilyn Manson is Brian Warner out the stage.

This post is dedicated to Brian Warner without sunglasses and without makeup…but also without photo, just a meet secret in silence. Is this a dream or reality? Top secret! ❤️💋🎁

Photo Karla’s







  1. I haven’t seen him in years. I’m not gonna lie, I used to kind of get the spooks from him, but looks like he’d actually be a really chill person to hang with. Great photos!


  2. This is so great! What great inspiration you have for your blog. I find that’s the best way to stay motivated is to stay inspired! -Tonya Tardiff

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  3. Inspiration indeed keeps us motivated, which keeps us going even if we are going through difficult times. It looks like you’re all having a good and fun time. This post is very nice.


  4. Wow, certainly a very interesting person to hang out with. I remember hearing crazy stories about him when I was in school. But looks like your having a great time.


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